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Digitale Prozesse: Planung Gestaltung Fertigung

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“Potential of digital media for the architecture
Modified design options with new design software and manufacturing technologies

A computer is now almost as obvious to the budget as a refrigerator, but has the computer technology with its rapid development, the daily life of every individual in the past few decades changed far more than it itself utopians had ever imagined. So it is little surprise that the architecture – everything from design to production – more and more digital effects subject. They range from the classic computer programs in design and presentation of computerized design processes to computer-aided manufacturing, to say nothing of industrialized Maurer “robots”. From site measuring, planning to manufacturing architecture is now in many places by a closely coordinated digital process chain.

What influence practice digital design and production methods from the current architecture? To what extent the new funds change the architecture and its development process? Where the potential of digital media is the architecture? What Einsatz-/Anwendungsmöglichkeiten offer for each office? What benefit will the electronic way of working with him?

Digital processes DETAIL practice answers these questions and many more around the digital design and construction process.

• Media-aided design processes
• Computer-aided manufacturing technologies
• New opportunities in modeling
• Examples of digital process chains

Moritz Hauschild, Rüdiger Karzel
NEW November 2010
112 pages with numerous drawings and photos”

Digitale Prozesse. (n.d.). DETAIL.de – Architekturportal und Architekturzeitschrift mit Informationen und tagesaktuelle Meldungen zu Architektur, Baurecht, Bauphysik sowie Konstruktionen. Retrieved November 25, 2010, from http://www.detail.de/rw_5_Kaufen_It_HoleArtikelID_930_ArtikelDetails.htm

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This publication will be printed in English in 2011.