Synchronous Robotics
Synchronous Robotics

Peter Testa and Devyn Weiser are pursuing new grounds in digital design and digital fabrication with the use of multiple robots that designers can synthesize, move, choreograph, and collaborate in a new paradigm of real-time design and construction platform at the Southern California Institute of Architecture in Los Angles.

Sonification of Robotic Spatial Paths
Sonification of Robotic Spatial Paths

In the videos presented in this brief, students are working out the code and using sound and software necessary to build the beginning blocks of instruction that will lead to a very different articulated and mechanized architecture of the future.

Video One
SCI-ARC – Course Graduate Thesis Research
Advisors Peter Testa, Devyn Weiser
Team Curime Batliner, Brandon Kruysman, Jonathan Proto

Video Two
SCI-ARC – Course Robotic Confections & Confabulations
Instructor Devyn Weiser
AT Jonathon Stahl
Team Brandon Kruysman, Ana Herruzo Pierce, Jonathan Proto