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Definition of Architecture

Definition of architecture – Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

The science of constructing physical manifestations of idea and thought through inhabitable form.

Definition of Process

Definition of process – Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

The phenomenon of process allows for translation of spatial and physical constructs and their related theories to be represented in non physical space through the connection of digital mediation.

Definition of Digital

Definition of digital – Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

The computer and software are translation tools that translate and process digital bits as carrier information for manipulating simulated spatial constructs. In the process of translation and simulation these tools make it possible for mediation to occur in non physical space.

Definition of Mediation/Mediate

Definition of mediation – Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

The process of defining fast:s:pace architecture | digital architecture mediation process.

Mediatation is a physical act. It is the process of mediating. Mediating is then an intervention.

The process of mediation is to mediate information to another.

Definition of mediate – Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary

The process that mediates then is the vehicle that becomes a necessary mechanism for transmission to the other. The computer and software which are digital processes become the mechanism for mediation.

Site Officially Launched!

The site is ready. A little work remains on final look of the rectangle text/information image areas. The gallery is just begining. I have a lot of things that can go in there as time goes on. The abstracts and products area is in progress.

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