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ACADIA Conference 2008: Silicon Skin

A conference entitled, “Silicon Skin: BIOLOGICAL PROCESSES AND COMPUTATION” by the Association for Computer-Aided Design in Architecture (ACADIA) conference 2008 will be held from October 16th-19th. The conference will be held in Minneapolis and will feature design work and research emergent processes from practice and academia in design, biology, and computation.

To have more information, please click on this link —> ACADIA 2008 Silicon Skin <---

Maxwell Render Version 1.7 Advance Release

Advance Release to Clients on 6/19/2008. Upcoming Public Release to come.

Many improvements, and new features – a new Sub-Surface Scattering component and new Physical Sky system, improvements to Material Editor, A new Cinemaxwell Plugin, and improvements to Maxwell Studio.

Images below show the following SSS presets that I created: Jade Glass, Jade MTM, and Beeswax. The last image is a sky preset that I made that is called “San Francisco Fog”. The Beeswax, Jade Glass and San Francisco Fog Presets are included with 1.7 Release.

Maxwell Render 1.7

The dragon object is a scan 3d model from The Stanford 3D Scanning Repository and is called ‘Asian Dragon’.

Design Computation within Cinema 4D and FusionThing

FusionThing Iterative Components

My latest explorations find myself looking through the latest works that use Paracloud as iterative geometry generation. It seems that this should be the perfect task for fusionThing (fT) a Cinema 4D plug-in to be more than capable.

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3D Glossary of Common Rendering Terms

Check out the link below for a PDF of common 3D rendering terminology.

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Ancient - Tyrone Marshall

A vision of the future. A find of an ancient city hidden for eons. A civilization that remains no longer. Their great architecture stands the test of time as evidence from a great destruction. A possible ecosystem collapse and diminishing resources may be the answer to the discovery of their departure. In the ruins is the emergence of nature that recovers and overtakes.

Larger Version