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Article Featured in Maxwell Render.IT

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Interior Light Study Close UP

I have an article that has been featured in the Maxwell Render Italian Portal known as “www.MaxwellRender.IT”.

The magazine is an effort of Maxwell Render Italian portal staff and enthusiast and a project headed by Pietro Spampatti.

In the article there is a short description of the rendering technology, material research using index of refraction data to achieve physically accurate floor finish simulation, texture maps including normal maps for high frequency detail, specular maps for varied reflectance, exterior lighting techniques, digital simulated photography lighting techniques, and software work-flow process “in the making” of this high precision digital image.

Please follow the link to the electronic content article on page 169: Maxwell Render.IT Issue 00

HDRI 001 – Free Sky HDRI Available

Sky Hdri Available

HDRI 001


The process consists of steps to place an artificial chrome sphere light probe into an artificial virtual sky+landscape scene. The Cinema 4D Advanced Render generated an artificial spherical HDRI which was then cropped and processed into a panoramic lat/long hdri. Then the panoramic hdri was introduced back into C4D and setup using a simple scene and sky dome object as the only source of light. The result is as follows:

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Actual usage in a scene:

HDRI 001

Virtual Sky+Landscape scene that this HDRI was created from:

HDRI 001

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For more information:

A work in process to investigate “Decoding the Ecosystem” for digital landscape simulation

I am working to figure out a convincing technique to simulate that “Ecosystem” look in digital landscape work.

A sample of an article on this process can be found by clicking the link below

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rAndom international – PixelRoller Mk1

An innovative way to apply paint that combines digital technology and the “paint roller” is now a reality.

Random International, a collective that designs and produces installations and tools from London, has done the unthinkable.

Take a look at their wonderfully designed site and this particular link that includes a video showcasing the technology.

A link is provided below:

rAndom international – PixelRoller Mk1

New Work

I have some new work available for viewing in my gallery. Please take a look.

Spatial Strata

The gallery for eco::systems can be viewed by clicking below:

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