Flood Structure

Flood Structure Image

Flood Structure
A new placement of an architectural object flooded. Click image for full scale image. The object construction is as follows:

Field Notation
a time based computation augment of parametric geometry propagation

A language of form in adaptation and performance in rhythm to express a mathematical
sequence that acts through a continuous movement of light, shade, and shape to
inscribe a spatial condition.

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New Work

I have some new work available for viewing in my gallery. Please take a look.

Spatial Strata

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New Work – spatial strata

Spatial Strata

Main Entry:


New Latin stratificare, from stratum + Latin -ificare -ify transitive senses

1 : to form, deposit, or arrange in strata

2 a : to divide or arrange into classes, castes, or social strata b : to divide into a series of graded statuses intransitive senses : to become arranged in strata

Just started working on a new process model. The model base material is beeswax. This material is very good to carve into and shape. Beeswax is in general a secretion from honeybees as a wax from glands on their abdomen. The wax is produced from the ingestion of honey that bees take in from sources up to 150,000 miles in distance. It takes about 8 pounds of honey to produce one pound of beeswax.The name of this work takes its source from that which is the base material, and builds upon to further deposits and make gradations of spatial constructs. This work is in process.

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